• City dwellers!

    Don‘t stay outside.

    Receive a notification with all the entry info when you arrive nearby.

  • Expecting a delivery? A guest?

    Share your entry details!

    Whether they use the app or not, the share link works on all devices.

  • And your data?

    100% secure.

    Your data is only stored on device and on iCloud, and shared data are end to end encrypted.

  • Great!

    The app is actually really amazing and can be a great help from time to time. The widgets are amazing and I love the looks and feel of the app.

  • Extremely good

    Been using it for 2 years. Works perfectly! I use it for notifying me that I pass by some places that I want to visit or that I know of. One of the most underrated apps. No alternatives and competitors I reckon.

  • Excellent App

    This app is great and very useful with many doors requiring codes these days. Is also great for wifi codes and other notes.

Thank you! We’ll keep you posted with our Android app update!